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Skylight’s Foot Stomping Musical Road Trip

The first ever county production for the Skylight Music Theatre brought the audience to their feet with a standing ovation on opening night. Reviving the 1982 Broadway musical Pump Boys and Dinettes reprises this country based concert mixed with gospel and rock and roll rhythms to recall the All American, cross country road trip.

In Pump Boys and Dinettes, the road travels on Hwy 57 sometime during the 1950’s through Frog Level and Smyrna, North Carolina where a gas station, perhaps a Mobil, serves up more music than auto repairs. The four “mechanics” would rather be strumming their guitars and string bass then cranking a wrench. Or perhaps eyeing the Cupp sisters, Loretta and Prudence, who dish out coffee, meatloaf and pecan pie to anyone who stops along these back byways at the Double Cupp Cafe instead of moving swiftly on the freeways.

What a fabulous place to stop for an evening! The vague plot line only provides a ready excuse for the musicians to romp between diner and gas station while these talented actors cavort on stage with their instruments. Campy sets designed by Brandon Ribordy are lit with bright neon signage that marvelously changes color throughout the performance to add kitschy ambience.

The production's six actors---Andrew Crowe, Greg Flattery, Tommy Hahn, Paul Helm, Molly Rhode, and Samantha Sostarich---act and play to foot stomping perfection. Director and choreographer Bil Theisen’s attention grabbing choreography fixes the audience’s eyes to the stage, so they can sit back and merely enjoy the theatrical ride while listening to the clever lyrics accompanying the down home dancing.

Has a Milwaukee audience ever seen such a magnificent Helm “strut his stuff” while also playing the piano in “Serve Yourself?” Or when Helm dons those red cowboy boots in the very humorous “Farmer Tan?” Rhode certainly delivers the entertainment goods in her standout “Be Good or Be Gone,” and while in tandem with Sostarich during the funny play on words tune “Tips.” A great song these two sisters rock on stage that might hint why they named their diner the Double Cupp. The Pump Boys create enough magnetism of their own in “Before Fisherman’s Prayers,” “Catfish," and the title tune, “Pump Boys.” 

Each company member in the Skylight's rollicking ensemble production makes this musical trip two hours of fabulous fun on Milwaukee's chilly March evenings. This brilliantly colored Southern rest stop provides a jolt of energy, from the pots and pans used for percussion to the softer ballads interspersed between the rock and roll jive. An evening of pure joy for every age, resting in the seats at Pump Boys and Dinettes will surely put the heartfelt into this country inspired evening because as Retta says, "Where else can you get music with your meatloaf?”

The Skylight Music Theatre presents Pump Boys and Dinettes on the Cabot Theatre Stage at the Broadway Theatre Center through March 24, and be sure to stop and enjoy pie after the show in the Cabaret. For information or tickets, call 414.291.7800 or click the Skylight link to the left.      by Peggy Sue Dunigan