WELCOME TO POSTSCRIPT: PERFORMING ARTS---Where life requires a dailty performance to sustain culture, and tiny slices of life reflect the ordinary and extraordinary events to create mystery, miracles and magic and may include fiction and stories, an occassional poem, or essay...anything to enhance living life to the fullest in an increasingly isolated and sometimes terrifying world, whlie humans all over the globe are more similar than different. 

Welcome to Postscript: Performing Arts! Visit the website often to discover an additional and peculiarly feminine voice to Milwaukee’s variety of performing arts, including culinary, dance, music, visual and theatre, to name only a few.

The idea for the website came from a comment overheard by a women theater director: “Seventy percent of all theater tickets are purchased by women," and that close to 80 percent of decisons in the home are made by women. These facts pushed the point that while women are incredibly important to a performing art company's success, and marketing in the United States, a woman’s comments or opinions regarding the performing arts and theset trends can be made by other people In Journalism, on average, only 33 percent of writers are women, with the masculine persprective prevelent in these arenas. Every opinion deserves a listening ear, yet, PS Performing Arts intends to present the feminine viewpoint through blogs, commentaries, essays, previews and reviews to provide insightful and quirky or provocative postscripts. 

The PS also represents the main writer at the website, Peggy Sue Dunigan, who has been reviewing Milwaukee Theater the past seven years through local print and website media, and generated several blogs in Door County at the doorcountytoday, com website. Read her theatre reviews on Broadway world.com, where she covers several Wisconins counties, and has begun covering the Minneapolis area.

Her experience and passion for the performing arts grew from attending productions at American Folklore Theater in Door County (20 plus years), First Stage Children’s Theater (20 plus years), the Milwaukee Ballet (18 plus years), the Milwaukee Repertory (30 plus years), Renaissance Theaterworks (8 plus years), Skylight Theatre (10 plus years), Stackner Cabaret (10 plus years) and other performance venues during this time. Her passions in the ktichen include provincial French cooking, baking, and generally sharing and sitting around a table with friends and family...where little slices of life can be expierenced and explored..and especcially birthday cakes can be baked and consumed to celebrate everyone's unique character. 

Building upon her BFA in Fine Arts, Peggy Sue completed a Masters in English Professional Writing, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with a Fiction Concentration from Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Through these studies she realized writing about the arts proved the most enlightening way to encourage creativity in everyday life. Currently she is also working on several children’s books regarding the ballet and the beloved Holstein cow all based on the work of a well-known Wisconsin artist, Schomer Lichtner, whose playful prints live on after his death at 102 in 2006. This begins a dream of hers to merge visual image and text to make art come alive so everyone, young and old, may experience creative energy in all its diverse and exuberant forms. She has also been recently published in the book "Craig Blietz: Pastoral Dreams," avaiable at West Bend's  Museum of Wisconsin Art and Strugeon Bay's Miller Art Museum, as well as Milwaukee's Tory Follliard Gallery and Fish Creek's Edgewood Orchard Gallery. 

If you have any further additions or questions, please post a comment because hearing from you often creates that necessary dialogue.  Listening to you opens doors, while opinions, suggestions and thoughts deliver information to help the website cover what you wish to discuss and read about.